Groundwater refers to water occurring beneath the surface. It is typically accessed by a bore. Accessing groundwater for purposes other than domestic and stock use in Victoria requires a take and use licence, and a works licence to cover bore operation.

To download a Copy of Record for an existing groundwater take-and-use licence, or works licence, click here. A sample Copy of Record of a take-and-use licence can be viewed here.

To generate a report summarising the aquifers and groundwater salinity in any Victorian location visit the Groundwater Resource Reports page on the DEPI website.

Restrictions on entitlement

Use of groundwater resources in a defined management area may be restricted by orders made by the Minister for Water. Permissible Consumptive Volumes (PCVs) cap the total volume of licensed entitlement in an area, while a temporary qualification of rights restricts a licence holder’s right to take water under that licence for a certain period.

The Minister for Water has signed the following order that relates to all groundwater PCVs across Victoria:

This order was published on page 1639 of Victorian Government Gazette G28 14 July 2011.