Water Information Survey

Want to have your say on water trading information in the Water Register? Complete this survey to help us improve how we provide water information. This survey is anonymous, will take about ten minutes of your time and will be open until 31 July 2017. You can also arrange a more detailed conversation by emailing the Accounts team at vwa@delwp.vic.gov.au.


Victorian Water Accounts

The Victorian Water Accounts are based on information provided by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, water businesses, catchment management authorities, the Essential Services Commission, the Bureau of Meteorology and major water users.

The accounts are the annual summary of Victoria's water resources reporting on water availability and use at the catchment scale. It was formerly known as the State Water Report.

Download the Reports

VWA 14-15 cover thumbnail
Victorian Water Accounts 2014-2015 (PDF~9.4 MB)
Cover-icon 2013-14
Victorian Water Accounts 2013-2014 (PDF~8.5 MB)
Victorian Water Accounts 2012-2013 (PDF~7.8 MB)
Cover-Icon 2011-12
Victorian Water Accounts 2011-2012 (PDF~9.9MB)
Cover-Icon 2010-11
Victorian Water Accounts 2010-2011 (PDF~8.5MB)
Cover-icon 2009-10
Victorian Water Accounts 2009-2010 (PDF~8.7MB)
Cover-Icon 2008-09
Victorian Water Accounts 2008-2009 (PDF~8.9MB)
Cover-Icon 2007-08
Victorian Water Accounts 2007-2008 (PDF~9MB)
Cover-Icon 2006-07
Victorian Water Accounts 2006-2007 (PDF~8.1MB)
 Victorian Water Accounts 2006-2007 Key Findings (PDF~2.2MB)
Cover-Icon 2005-06
State Water Report 2005-2006 (PDF~7.3MB)
State Water Report 2005-2006 Key Findings (PDF~365Kb)
Cover-Icon 2004-05
State Water Report 2004-2005 (PDF~7.3MB)
Cover-Icon 2003-04
State Water Report 2003-2004 (PDF~9.7MB)