The Victorian Annual Water Trading Report 2012/13 provides Water Register data on trade and comments on trends in trades of allocation and water shares.

In 2012/13, water trade in Victoria was marked firstly, by an increase in allocation trade coupled with higher prices for allocation, and secondly, a reduction in recorded water share transfers coupled with a decrease in the price of high reliability water shares. Trade still remained a useful tool for people to manage their water.


Copies of the Victorian Annual Water Trading Report for each year since 2007 are available below.

The report Water Trading in Northern Victoria 1991/92 – 2005/06 (DSE 2008) draws together data to describe activity in Victoria’s water market over a 15-year period since trade was enabled.


The Value of Water: a guide to water trading in Victoria was published in 2001. It explains how water trading developed since its origins, the benefits and hazards, the influences and participants, and the reasons behind various rules. It covers special situations like trade between States.