The ability for all bores to access sufficient water quantity and quality is always important. One of the tools that we use develop and maintain our knowledge of water flow and quality across Victoria is the State Observation Bore Network (SOBN). It is important that these monitoring sites are carefully selected and protected.

As a result, from today there is a new condition in place for any bores that can affect the water quality or water levels near these sites. The condition is that such bores cannot be placed within 200 meters of a SOBN site.

Key Dates

The new condition is in effect from Thursday October 11, 2018.

Which bores are affected?

Only new bores will be affected of the following types.

  • Domestic & Stock bores;
  • Irrigation bores;
  • Commercial bores;
  • All new bores constructed to take water.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact us via email at