You can obtain information about trading water in Victoria from this part of the site. Water products that may be traded in Victoria include water shares, allocations and take and use licences.

More information on these trades is provided below.

Trading rules

Water share trade and allocation trade in Victoria is governed by rules set by the Minister for Water.

Water share trading

'Trade' of water shares can mean a transfer of ownership, a change of location, or both.

Allocation trading

Allocation trade involves transferring a volume of water allocation from a seller to a buyer.

Take and use licence trading

Take and use licences can be traded in part or in full, on a permanent or temporary basis.

Annual use limit trading

Annual use limit can be transferred between water use licences.

Status of trading applications

Track the status of your trading application.

Trade reports

The Victorian Annual Water Trading Report provides Water Register data on trade and comments on trends in trades of allocation and water shares.