This page provides information on the volume of water allocated or carried over in each of the regulated systems that is currently available for use or trade, including a graphical comparison with the previous two years.


Unused water

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Notes and disclaimers

  • The data shown here summarises allocations made, trades by buyers and sellers, usage, overuse, carryover and write-off. Categories will only appear where relevant or non-zero. Total unused water available equals Total unused water this season less the Current spillable account balance where applicable
  • Statistics are shown for ABAs with regulated trading zone sources within the selected water system. This includes allocations made to all water shares and bundled entitlements, such as supply by agreements and urban bulk entitlements
  • Trades reported in the table include all trades by buyers and sellers, not just water traded into and out of a water system.
  • In the table;
    • Net carryover at July 1 is net of evaporation and overuse
    • Extraordinary items incorporate adjustments to carryover and overuse made during the year and environmental return flows available for re-use
    • Seasonal allocation includes any spill allocation issued in the Thomson/Macalister and Ovens water systems
  • In the table, write-off in the northern regulated systems (excluding the Ovens), which have ability to carry over, will typically be zero, however write-off may still be reported where there has been write-off due to spill (Murray, Goulburn, Campaspe) or where there has been write-off against bulk entitlements which may be accounted for in wholesale accounts. The southern regulated systems and the Ovens in the north have no ability to carry over, and so all remaining unused water is written off at the end of the year
  • The data in the table may differ to the Current Water Ownership data on the Northern Victoria Resource Manager website because:
    • The Resource Manager data may include usage recorded in GMW systems but not yet uploaded to the water register and preliminary data for environmental water holder use, return flow and trade volumes
    • The Resource Manager data may be at a different point in time
  • If there are issues with this report, please click here to let us know

Water which is not used remains in storage for use or trade later in the season or to be carried over into the next season (subject to the carryover rules).

In the Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe systems any water quarantined in spillable water accounts is not available for use until a declaration of low risk of spill is made for the season. More information on spillable water accounts may be found here.

In some systems carryover is not allowed and so unused water is written off at the end of the season. This is the case in the Ovens system in the north and in the southern systems.