A works licence is a licence to construct, operate, alter, decommission or remove works associated with the extraction of water (i.e. bores, pumps and dams). Each licence is subject to conditions set by the Minister and specified on the licence.

Information and Policies

Works licences are issued and managed by water corporations in accordance with policy. The latest changes to the policies clarify dam safety requirements for private dams and emphasise dam owner responsibility for managing dam safety.

The document Your dam:Your responsibility is a handy guide to managing the safety of small dams and recommended for all dam owners.

pdfDownload PDF Policies for Managing Works Licences (470 Kb)  
pdfAmendments (Geothermal Reinjection Schemes) to Policies for Managing Works Licences (154 Kb)

Note that bores that are (or are proposed to be) less than 3.0 metres in depth do not require a works licence.

pdfDownload PDF Shallow Bore Exemption (26 Kb)

An operating licence is not required for certain types of works used for domestic and stock water.

pdfDownload PDF Operating licence exemption(40 Kb)

Copy of record

You can download a Copy of Record for an existing works licence here.

You will need to enter the works licence identification number and pay the relevant $15.90 fee.

Please be aware that a take and use licence, private right or registration licence may be linked to this licence. If so, it will be listed in the "Related Instruments" section on your copy of record. You will need to purchase a separate copy of record for it if you wish to view its details.

Most works licences are now stored in the Victorian Water Register. However, older licences that have not been recently renewed or otherwise transacted on may still be kept in a local water corporation system, so the copy of record will not yet be available here.

A sample copy of record is available below.