Commercial Market Insights

This dashboard presents visualisations across the wider market focusing on recent activity over the past 12 months and market information from previous years.  The intent is to provide a flexible and easy to understand picture of market activity that can be filtered to provide a deeper insight.

Each visualisation presents a summary of the market price, applications and volume supported by a detailed graph plotting individual trades across time by price.  Each plot point is sized based on the volume of the trade and is complimented by a median price trend line.

How do I use the commercial markets insights dashboard?

Allocation Trade Data

Here you can access a list of all allocation trades which occurred within the regulated water systems for a selected region and year.

You can use this data for your own analysis. For example, to analyse the volumes of trade which occurred between private water holders, environmental water holders and water corporations; or, to assess the total volume of commercial trades in a particular year.

Access to Allocation Trade Data

Notes and disclaimers

Information on allocation trade applications is reported by trading zone source rather than trading zone use. This means that they show the direction of trade according to where the trader is storing the water rather than using it. Only regulated trading zones are shown as it is only these trading zones which receive allocation.

This data includes finalised applications only and is grouped by the date the trade was finalised as approved or refused. Transactions with no monetary consideration, which may include movement of allocation between accounts owned by related parties, are reported as Non-Commercial. Trades are also classified according to whether they involve an environmental water owner.

If there are issues with this report, or if you are interested in a subscription to this data, please click here to let us know.