Throughout the water season, the resource manager makes seasonal determinations which specify the water that is available to holders of water shares, supply by agreements and bulk entitlements in declared systems.

The resource manager usually announces a determination as a percentage of the entitlement volume and as an increase since the last determination. Seasonal determinations are based on the water system source and the reliability of an entitlement.

Note that seasonal determinations are also commonly referred to as seasonal allocations.

Seasonal Determination Details

In northern Victoria, Goulburn-Murray Water is the Resource Manager. Assessments of the resource availability in the northern declared systems are made fortnightly during the irrigation season. You can view the current seasonal determinations for northern Victorian systems and outlooks here.

In the Thomson/Macalister and Bacchus Marsh/Werribee water systems, Southern Rural Water is the resource manager. You can view the current seasonal determinations for these southern systems here.

Seasonal Determination Summary

On this webpage you can search below to view a summary of seasonal determinations for a specified water system and reliability.

Seasonal determinations

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