The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) recently put out a media release on its assessment of the risks that could impact on a delivery shortfall in the River Murray this season. This assessment found that the overall the risk of a delivery shortfall this season is low. However, if it turns even drier then the risk of a shortfall later in the season could increase slightly.

River operators will continue to keep a close eye on demand and conditions and have identified a range of mitigation measures to help manage any potential shortfalls this season.

You can read the MDBA media release at

The MDBA also released a document providing more detail on its assessment of the risks this season. The MDBA’s risk assessment for deliverability of water over summer 2018-19 discusses what the MDBA as River Operators do to reduce the risk of a delivery shortfall, what mitigation measures can be used, the main influencing factors for a delivery shortfall, and the chance of a delivery shortfall for the remainder of 2018-19 season. You can read the MDBA’s risk assessment at

Regular updates on the risk of a shortfall this season will be provided in the MDBA’s River Murray Weekly Report, which is available for subscription and online at

The MDBA is undertaking work on River Murray capacity and shortfall risks in consultation with Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia and will be providing the Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council with an update in mid-2019.

Victoria is committed to improving information to help water users understand how delivery shortfall risks are managed in the Murray River downstream of the Barmah Choke and what this means for their business.

A Victorian fact sheet on understanding delivery shortfall risks in the lower Murray is available at

The MDBA and state governments have also released a joint fact sheet for water users, which is available at