A new independent report by Aither is available which provides more information on water supply scenarios and new estimates of current and future horticulture demand with a focus on the lower Murray region.

The report shows that horticultural crop demands in the southern Basin are higher than previous estimates and will continue to grow as existing plantings mature and new developments occur in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. 95% of horticulture in the southern Basin is in the lower Murray region and accounts for a large proportion of total water use in that area.

This is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment under Water for Victoria to improve public water market information to help water users make informed decisions in managing their water and to increase water market transparency.

Victoria’s water sharing arrangements protect existing rights to water and support water users to manage their water needs in a fair and efficient way. Tools like trade and carryover provide water entitlement holders with the ability to make their own decisions as to how to manage their water needs and business risks.

The Victorian Government is also working with regional agencies to further strengthen our water sharing arrangements and to make sure our communities have the right tools and information to manage their water needs. This includes:

  • Ensuring trading rules adequately manage the impacts of water movement on other entitlement holders and the environmental – particularly the Goulburn to Murray trade rule,
  • Strengthening and modernising our approach to managing compliance and enforcement, and
  • Providing water users with clear, accurate information to enable them to do their due diligence when making investment decisions