The Victorian Government remains committed to improving market transparency and is publishing more information than ever before including on how carryover is being used.

DELWP today published the first in a series of fact sheets on carryover, which offers insights into how carryover is being used by active irrigators across northern Victoria.

Over coming months, DELWP will be publishing additional fact sheets on the Water Register website:

  • How environmental water holders are using carryover;
  • How spill rules work for carryover; and
  • Carryover, trade and use – how entitlement holders are behaving.

We are continuing to work with irrigators and other water users in northern Victoria to better understand concerns about carryover, water market prices and the need for more information on water markets. DELWP have put together frequently asked questions and will publish more information as we continue to engage with water users across different industries and regions in Victoria.

This supports the Victorian Government’s push for greater transparency for water markets to help boost confidence and that they are working for all Victorians. 

For more information on other actions to improve market transparency, read the Minister’s media release here.

Previously provided information and factsheets on carryover can be found here